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We are a full-service architectural presentation and analysis studio based in Dublin and London

RIBA Sterling prize winner 2023 - John Morden Centre © Jim Stephenson


about architecture

Since the 1980s, as technology and the complexity of buildings increased together with a more informed public and selective customer, the field of architectural presentation and analysis became more multidisciplinary with specialisations for each project.


Through a unique combination of Architectural, Engineering, Technical, Craft and artistic creatives, Model Works delivers world class engaging experiences for clients.

Assisting design with visualisation and analysis. Contributing to successful Planning applications. Pushing sales and profitability.


Latest posts

Daylight – Sunlight

‘I can’t define a space really as a space, unless I have natural light … natural light gives mood to…


The Model Works methodology ensures that the representation is not only “robust” but is accurate, verifiable and auditable.
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