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Hogs Head

The Project

Hogs Head Golf Club is an exclusive golfing resort located in Waterville, Co. Kerry, a stunningly beautiful part of south west Ireland. The owners were looking for a striking art piece for their main reception, which would capture the nature of the resort and reflect the quality of the development.

Client Team

Hogs Head Golf Club
HJL Architects


Scale Model

Project Date


Model Work partnered with HJL, the architects on the scheme, to design an installation which captures the ruggedness of the coastline and elevated nature of the terrain surrounding the resort.

To meet the clients aspirations a contour map display was created, using patinated steel plates to represent the ocean and tinted maple plywood, stacked in 6mm layers to represent the contours of the terrain. The golf course layout was represented with inlaid etched nickel.

The display was almost 6m by 4m, constructed in 1m x 1m tiles, with the final assembly and installation completed on site by the Model Works team.

Photographer credit: Elyse Kennedy

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