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One Green Way

The Project

One Green Way is a development of 89 luxury villas located alongside Quinta do Lago in the Portuguese Algarve and is being delivered by Green Jacket Partners and SPX Capital.

Client Team

Green Jacket Partners
SPX Capital


Interactive App
Scale Model

Project Date


Model Work partnered with HJL, the architects on the scheme, to design an installation which captures the ruggedness of the coastline and elevated nature of the terrain surrounding the resort.

Model Works partnered with Triplesky to deliver a scale model linked with an Interactive Residence Finder App to support their sales and marketing campaign. We wanted the scale model to be a beautiful item in its own right, so we took a stylized approach, using natural materials such as wood veneers to build up the contours and cork to represent the trees and vegetation. The buildings were produced in frosted acrylic so that they could be illuminated via LEDs, which were controlled by the interactive app. The model sat on a sheet of black glass, which gave a dramatic appearance, and we positioned the touch screen below the glass to maintain the clean, simple lines of the installation.

The touchscreen controlled the content displayed on the large screen behind the model and allowed the user to search and filter the residences using various criteria, such as type, size, price, availability, etc. It also showcased the amenities within the scheme, in the local area, and the wider Algarve area. The app was linked with a back-office CMS which allowed content to be updated and ensured

The installation showcases the benefits of combining the beauty of a traditional scale model with the interactive capabilities of a digital app to provide a truly engaging experience.

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